Microalgae and plants are producing carbohydrates and O2 from light, H2O and CO2, this phenomenon is called photosynthesis. We are using molecular knowledge about the photosystems to ensure the best strains and the best products.

Did you know that microalgae are packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that benefit both our skin and overall health? They are a sustainable source of raw materials that will reduce the environmental impact of our consumption habits.

Our team is composed by diverse technology experts and will unleash the next green revolution.

Thomas Vain, CEO and co-founder of PhytoCuro
Creating a Healthier and Sustainable Future


PhytoCuro is committed to sustainability by harnessing the power of Nature, we cultivate, optimize and democratize the use of Microalgae. Our mission is to unlock the infinite potential of these microscopic wonders and revolutionize the cosmetic and food industries.

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Closed-loop cultivation and computer vision to ensure pure strains.

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