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PhytoCuro is at the forefront of DeepTech innovation, powered by a team of dedicated experts who seamlessly integrate Biotechnology, Electronics, and Computer Science to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Our CEO, Dr. Thomas Vain, boasts profound expertise in plant development. Throughout his illustrious career, Thomas has pioneered the identification of a novel family of biologically active molecules. He’s also championed the use of advanced image-based systems for optimized screening and breeding across multiple scales.

Oliver Sonne Buch, PhytoCuro’s COO, holds a BSc in Life Science and Technology from DTU. Beyond being a DeepTech aficionado, Oliver brings invaluable experience from the realm of Regulatory Affairs, especially in advanced Biotechnology sectors like Gene Therapy.

Magnus Eriksen, our dual-hatted CMO/CTO, is also a proud alumnus of DTU with a BSc in Life Science and Technology. Magnus’s passion lies in the intricate realms of Precision Fermentation and Cell Factory Engineering.

Completing our leadership quartet is Kim Schølte, our dedicated CTO. As a seasoned Development Engineer, Kim masterfully crafts hardware solutions that amalgamate Continuous Monitoring of Fermentation with cutting-edge Photonics.

We founded PhytoCuro in January 2023 to harness the power of cutting-edge biotechnology and grow microalgae in controlled environments. Our closed-loop systems ensure the highest quality and purity, while minimizing waste and conserving natural resources. The cultivation also serves as a source CO2 fixation causing a net negative CO2 balance in our production process.

Oliver Sonne Buch, COO and co-founder of PhytoCuro

Our mission at PhytoCuro is to introduce innovative product ranges destined to transform both the Cosmetic and Food industries.

Magnus Eriksen, CMO and co-founder of PhytoCuro

Cosmetic Industry
Microalgae-derived ingredients offer a range of benefits for the cosmetic industry, from powerful antioxidants that protect the skin to natural moisturizing agents. By incorporating these clean, green ingredients into skincare and makeup products, PhytoCuro support a healthier, more radiant skin and a greener planet.

Food Industry
Microalgae are highly nutritious and valuable source of food. Their high protein content and omega-3 fatty acids offer a promising alternative to traditional sources. PhytoCuro is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to incorporate micro algae into delicious, nutritious food products.

Prize & Awards

Green category Finalist of the National Startup Competition Venture Cup 2023

Winner of Ignite 2023 – DTU Skylab

Funding & Laboratory

Join us on our journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. Follow PhytoCuro on LinkedIn and stay tuned for updates on our progress, collaborations, and exciting new product launches!

Creating a Healthier and Sustainable Future


PhytoCuro is committed to sustainability by harnessing the power of Nature, we cultivate, optimize and democratize the use of Microalgae. Our mission is to unlock the infinite potential of these microscopic wonders and revolutionize the cosmetic and food industries.

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